• Dr Jeff Kreutzer

    One of the best presentations I attended at the recent 2010 ACRM-ASNR Joint Education Conference in Montreal was provided by Dr Jeffrey Kreutzer and his team from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr Kreutzer and colleagues have been working for many years now on support and intervention strategies for families of people with acquired brain injury. Read more »

  • DVD Cover for Diving Bell and the Butterfly

    "I don't know about you, but I'm terrible to accompany to any movie where there is even a suggestion of rehabilitation occurring..." William Levack writes about why he HATED "Million Dollar Baby (2004)" and "Breaking the Waves (1996)" - but also a bit about a movie he did like: "The Butterfly and the Divingbell (2007)", the story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, who writes his memoir by blinking after he suffers locked-in-syndrome following a devastating stroke. Read more »

  • Image of Mark Ylvisaker

    Mark Ylvisaker, philosopher, speech-language pathologist, and advocate for children and adolescents with brain injury, died on 24th May 2009 and he will be greatly missed. Read more »

  • Over the last five or six years it has become increasingly apparent to me that as a health professional I have had too little education in the history of the disability rights movement. So it was with interest that I took the opportunity to view ‘The Music Within' on DVD this week - a movie about the life of Richard Pimentel, the man attributed with pushing the Americans with Disabilities Act into law in 1990. Read more »

  • Since I came out as a gay man at 19 years old, I've been a user of home-based support, needs assessments, wheelchair assessments, physiotherapists as well as other health professionals and services, even rehabilitation at times. Every service provider, in my experience, has assumed I am heterosexual. Unless I actually say, ‘I'm a gay man', people assume I'm straight. That assumption operates at all levels of the organisation - from management, to administration, to individual staff. Read more »

  • Polverino et al. (2008) conducted what was perhaps the first observational study of sex and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The results from this single case study were somewhat surprising and the authors highlighted how little we really know about this important aspect of quality of life in populations of people with chronic respiratory illness. Read more »

  • Photo of Maria Low

    Maria Low is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Rehabilitation for the Burwood Spinal Unit, Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB). Recently, Maria wrote a successful business proposal to CDHB for additional hours dedicated to addressing sexuality in rehabilitation and last month she was appointed to that role. Read more »

  • Jill Bolte Taylor with human brain

    Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroanatomist from the United States, whose perspective on brain function and neuropathology changed after she suffered a stroke. Read more »

  • Brains in a deli shop window

    In the 'advice you didn't need to know' column this week we have: how to prepare brains for invalids. These helpful hints come from a 1971 edition of the Edmonds' Cookery Book and were brought to my attention by my partner along with the comment: "I can't wait until you get sick." No advice about checking for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease were included unfortunately... Read more »

  • NZORD Rare Disorders Icon

    Got a disease that only you can pronounce? Or perhaps you recently had a patient come to your clinic with a disorder that you secretly had to look up in a textbook to find out what it was? Maybe you are just looking for information and support to provide people with one of the hundreds of less common pathologies? Then this website is for you. Read more »

  • The Ministry of Social Development and the Carers Alliance have been conducting community-based consultation on developing a national "Carer's Strategy". Keep up with the play on support for carers or contribute your own perspectives to the development of the strategy. Read more »

  • Carers New Zealand Icon

    Carers NZ is an information and advocacy service for all people involve in care-giving roles. The organisation is free to join and provides a regular e-newsletter devoted to caring in New Zealand. The organisation also keeps members updated about news bulletins and publications about care-giving and disability support. Plus the website features summaries of contemporary research and links to other resources of interest. Read more »

  • Ginny Hickman is a psychotherapist in private practice who works part-time as a family therapist for Capital & Coast Rehabilitation in Wellington. Ginny is also a part-time lecturer for the Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit at the Wellington School of Medicine & Health Sciences (University of Otago) where she teaches a distance-taught paper, “Family Systems and Rehabilitation” for health professionals working in rehabilitation settings. Read more »

  • Here’s an interesting question: Who do you think would do better in rehabilitation following a serious injury? A guy who conforms to traditional male roles – e.g. the strong, silent type who is not one to ask for help when he’s hurt, who believes that men should be in charge and who is uncomfortable at any suggestion of discussing emotions – OR a guy who does not conform to such roles – a ‘new-age snag’ or the 'metrosexual' perhaps? While there has been some theorisation in the past about which type of masculinity is more conducive to successful rehabilitation outcomes, these authors claim that theirs is the first study to collect data on such issues. Read more »

  • DiPEx Logo

    DIPEx is a fascinating charity organisation that has been set up for the sole purpose of gathering and disseminating information about personal experiences of illness and disability. Read more »

  • Murderball - Movie Poster

    Directed by Henry Rubin and Dana Shapiro, "Murderball" is a documentary about the lives and exploits of the players in two wheelchair rugby teams - one from the Canada; the other from the USA - in the lead up 2004 Athens games. Read more »

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